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Agon light

What is Agon light™?

Agon light™ is a fully open-source 8-bit microcomputer and microcontroller in one small, low-cost board, built with state-of-the-art 21st-century technology. It has two claims to fame, both of which are substantiated in the next sections. In a nutshell,

Agon light™ is the fastest and cheapest 8-bit microcomputer ever made.

In addition,

Agon light™ is the world’s sole standalone, instant-on, BASIC-programmed microcontroller that dispenses with a host PC and sketch compilation.

I saved an iMac G3

After more than 10 years I have saved a retrocomputer again. It’s an iMac G3 400 and I think it’s 10 years that isn’t turned on.