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“Cento calorie di fruttosio, di glucosio, di proteine o di grassi rilasciano la stessa quantita’ di calore quando bruciano, ma gli effetti sul corpo sono diversissimi. Perche’? Perche’ si tratta di molecole diverse.”

Jessie Inchauspe’ – La rivoluzione del glucosio


“There’s a whole group of people in the world – many of them in America – who can’t believe that the complexity of the universe is possible without postulating a god, but I can pretty much prove that it is. You don’t have to be involved with this thing for very long to see how complexity arises out of simplicity – that was the big perception of Darwin. The most important thing to come from Darwin, that great scientist, was that he showed the history of evolution is the progression from simplicity to complexity and this is quite the opposite of what religious people think – they think God is the most complex thing and therefore God can create less complex things. This is not true. This is provably not true. I think in eight and a half minutes I could convince any creationist that they have got the wrong end of the stick.”

Brian Eno

Twitter allora e ora

Do you wish you’d had social media back then?
I was more starry-eyed about that a few years ago. I remember writing that I wished Twitter had been around when we’d been in the band to connect with fans. But that was before Twitter went quite as sour as it is now. Now I think, “Jesus, I’m glad there wasn’t Twitter and I didn’t get trolled by people who didn’t like a new B-side!”

Tracey Thorn in una intervista sul Guardian.

Deep Work

You don’t have to wake up early to do something meaningful. You can have deep work at any hour of the day; it depends when you prefer to work, what’s your job, if you have family, etc. One size does not fit all.

Ieri ho svegliato mia figlia con l’inno di Mameli, oggi con l’inno di Gamilas. 😆 Per domani sono indeciso tra il tema di Darth Vader e quello di Sephiroth. 😏


Per fare funzionare un sito/servizio/app il gestore dovrebbe richiedere il minimo di dati personali indispensabili per fare funzionare la baracca. La profilazione dovrebbe essere vietata.

E sarebbe ora di farla finita con tutti quei cookie banners, pannelli di gestione delle preferenze ecc.


Ho ritrovato il piacere di scrivere qui sul blog invece che su Twitter (o di non scrivere per niente). Ed è bastato usare l’interfaccia mobile di WordPress invece dell’app.

“Don’t dress for the job you have; dress for the job you want.”

“The biggest problem of digital photography is that it isn’t real.”

“It’s easier to stick to the plan when you have limitations”